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Driving With Care: Instruction in Substance Abuse-Free Driving


Driving With Care® is used as an educational tool for individuals who have been convicted of a DWI.  The classes are designed to teach students the skills necessary to prevent future incidents of driving while impaired.  Driving With Care® helps students develop insight into their patterns of alcohol/drug use and to recognize how these patterns of use have contributed to their incidents of impaired driving. Individuals will gain important tools and skills relevant to understanding and changing their alcohol and drug related behaviors, decreasing their risk for further involvement in potentially harmful driving scenarios.

There are two levels of Driving With Care® classes. To ensure that individuals are placed at the appropriate class level a chemical health assessment must first be completed (please see our chemical health assessment page on this website for more information). Chemical health assessments can be conducted by Valhalla Place, Inc. or through another provider.


Level II Education is a 12-session, 24 hour DWI/DUI education program designed for offenders who have a history of problems associated with alcohol and other drug abuse, and/or whose blood alcohol content was above the legal limit while operating a motor vehicle. 
Easy to reach location

All classes are held at:

Valhalla Place, 6043 Hudson Road, Suite 220, Woodbury, MN 55125

(Just off I-94 and Century Avenue). View Map



Driving With Care Level II – Thursdays 6:00-8:00 pm



Driving with Care: Level II- $400 ($460 with payment plan option).

Please note: Driving With Care® education courses are an educational service (not a medical service) and as a result, health insurance does not cover the cost of these programs.

Valhalla Place offers students the opportunity to make payments over time for Driving With Care® classes. Should an individual choose this payment plan option, the cost for each class increases (as shown above).









We understand that it can sometimes be critical for individuals to enroll in Driving With Care® classes in a timely manner and that an outside entity (e.g. probation, attorney) must be notified of your enrollment immediately. We can help facilitate this as soon as onsite registration has been completed and payment has been received.


Please contact Beth Haller:

Phone: 763-302-9667

Email: BethH@valhallaplace.com












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