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Find your support, gather your strength and renew your hope at Valhalla Place. Everything we do, every treatment service offered, every substance abuse counselor, is centered around healing the minds, bodies and spirits of those struggling with addiction. You bring the will to fight and rebuild, we'll bring the support necessary to create change.


At Valhalla Place, we know the battle against addiction is hard fought, but it's not one you ever have to fight alone. Here, you'll find a place of hope and strength, not judgment. Every person and addiction is unique, so our approach is, too. So everything we do, every treatment service offered, every substance abuse counselor is centered around healing the minds, bodies and spirits of those struggling with addiction. We dedicate ourselves to offering a progressive approach and specialized care, empowering people to create healing, meaningful change.

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Valhalla Place is a premier provider of addiction and mental health services in the Twin Cities. We'll work with you to develop goals and strategies to help you achieve lasting change.

We recognize that making the first call, asking for help, is often the most difficult step in the process. And we're here to make it as easy as possible, taking calls day and night. We're here and we're ready to help.

Used to treat the physical dependence of opiates since 1965, Methadone is a medication that provides relief from withdrawal symptoms and reduces or eliminates cravings. Methadone is used on an outpatient basis and regular clinic attendance is necessary for best results. Of course, medication alone is not enough, so this treatment is paired with counseling, mental health therapy, medical services and family education to promote a lifestyle free of drug use.

Suboxone is used to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms, and has been used to treat opiates addiction since 2002. This medication reduces or eliminates the craving for opiates, and has a blockade effect if other opiates are used. Suboxone is used on an outpatient basis and can be prescribed as a take home medication or as part of a full integrated treatment program, depending on the needs of the individual patient. Of course, medication alone is not enough, so this treatment is paired with counseling, mental health therapy, medical services and family education to promote a lifestyle free of drug use.

At Valhalla Place, we offer supportive, confidential treatment for the whole person. This includes counseling and psychiatric care for mental health issues.


Individual Counseling

Clients entering treatment for substance abuse may also deal with mental health issues. Mental illness can be caused by the drug abuse itself, or it may have been present prior to starting drug use, and contributed to the physical dependency and ensuing addiction. At Valhalla Place, our experienced mental health professionals have specialized training in helping you to understand your illness, the role it plays in active addiction, and can help prepare you to deal effectively with these issues during recovery.

Group Counseling

We offer specialized group counseling for our clients who deal with mental health issues. Group counseling is a very effective method for learning skills for coping with illness, and reduces the stigma and shame often experienced by those dealing with mental illness. Our counselors have specialized training in conducting groups designed to teach clients skills for managing both their chemical dependency and mental health issues. Our goal is to educate, enhance the recovery process, sustain a stable lifestyle and support achieving the highest quality of life possible.

Family Counseling

Studies have shown that the best predictor of successful treatment outcomes is the involvement of the client's family (or another personal support system) during the treatment process. This support becomes even more important when a client faces multiple challenges, such as mental health illness and chemical dependency. At Valhalla Place our specially trained mental health professionals provide a variety of opportunities to involve the patient's family in the treatment process. The goal of family work is education about the e ects of mental health issues and addiction and to provide an integrative strategy to address these issues simultaneously.

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Medications designed to treat mental illness are an important tool in the stabilization and recovery process. At Valhalla Place, we offer our clients access to a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The psychiatric Nurse Practitioner works closely with our medical and counseling staff to ensure coordinated, comprehensive care. We invite you to call us at 651.925.8200 for Woodbury or 763.237.9898 for Brooklyn Park, to learn more, or schedule an interview with a counselor.

We offer high-intensity outpatient treatment services for addiction. Our treatment approach addresses the specific needs of the patient with individual and group sessions. We utilize "best practice", person centered approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

The high intensity outpatient treatment program (HIOP) is designed for individuals experiencing significant issues with alcohol or drug addiction. This program is offered during the day and members meet as a group three times per week, three hours per meeting, for twelve weeks. Individual counseling is integrated into this model to allow for individualization of treatment goals and plans.

You do not need to be receiving medication assisted treatment to enroll in our outpatient treatment program.


Individual counseling is used to privately, and confidentially address specific issues that a client is facing and develop a personal treatment plan. This individualized treatment plan provides a comprehensive roadmap through the journey of change to recovery. Valhalla Place recognizes that each person is faced with a dierent set of challenges. For this reason, we provide a safe environment staffed with licensed counselors and therapists. Valhalla Place employs therapists from a cross section of specialty areas including Mental Health, Addiction, Case Management, Trauma, and Marriage and Family therapy. Our therapists hold licenses across many disciplines including Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors. All staff have been selected in order to provide you with the highest quality care and experience all at one location.


Valhalla Place offers a variety of opportunities for counselor facilitated group sessions including: separate Women's and Men's Groups, Relapse Prevention and Family groups that include Education, Therapy and Support. The Family groups are designed to encourage the involvement of the patient's support system because that support plays a critical role in the recovery process from both mental health and addiction issues. We also oer peer facilitated support groups as part of a program called M.A.R.S. (Medication Assisted Recovery Support). These groups provide vital support to our clients because it allows them an opportunity to listen and share the challenges and victories that they and others often experience in the recovery process. All groups are provided without additional costs or fees to the client. Call or stop by our Welcome Desk to get a current group schedule

A chemical health assessment is a tool used to determine how your chemical use is impacting your life. The information gathered during a chemical assessment helps the assessor evaluate the severity of any chemical dependency concerns, and what type of treatment might be most beneficial to you or a loved one.

Chemical health assessors use nationally accepted and professionally developed standards for identifying patterns of substance use, abuse and dependence. The assessment indicates where you are on the continuum of chemical use, abuse or dependency.

A chemical health assessment is conducted by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and typically lasts about 90 minutes. During the assessment, you will be asked questions about different areas of your life including: your chemical use history, physical and mental health, your relationships, and your current living situation. This information helps the assessor make a recommendation based on your individual needs.

As part of the chemical health assessment process, you will be required to provide the names of persons who are familiar with your use of alcohol or drugs. Obtaining another person’s viewpoint about your chemical use history is required as part of any credible assessment. In order for the assessor to speak with others regarding your chemical use history you must sign a written consent. This consent does not grant the assessor permission to share information about you, it simply gives permission to share that you are completing a chemical health assessment and allows them to collect information regarding their observations of your chemical use.

We offer a variety of harm reduction services. Our caring and judgment-free approach to providing services helps guide us to getting those we treat back to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.


Opiate overdoses interfere with a person's ability to distribute oxygen throughout the body. Signs and symptoms of an opiate overdose include:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Irregular or stopped breathing
  • Turning blue

Naloxone (Narcan) is an inexpensive, harmless and effective medication that reverses an opiate overdose. Within minutes after Naloxone is administered, this life saving medication allows the affected person to breathe again. There are two ways that Naloxone can be administered, a shot in the muscle with a needle or a nasal spray.

Education and access to Naloxone is available through our program for opiate users and their loved ones. Participants will complete a brief training, fill out some paperwork and be provided with an overdose reversal kit. Each kit contains two doses of Naloxone, two intramuscular syringes, and instructions. To obtain a kit, please visit the front desk and submit a request.


The Minnesota Pharmacy Syringe Access Initiative is a law that allows individuals to purchase and possess up to 10 clean syringes without a prescription. Unfortunately, this initiative is voluntary for pharmacies and their staff have the right to refuse the sale. Before attempting to purchase syringes from a pharmacy, we recommend calling in advance to see if they will sell without a prescription.

Access to sterile injection equipment is available at both Valhalla Place locations. This service is available at Brooklyn Park on Mondays and in Woodbury on Fridays, 9am-1pm. There are no program requirements, those picking up syringes may remain anonymous. To access our needle exchange program, ask our welcome desk staff to guide you to the exchange office.

Unused syringe donations are gladly accepted at both of our locations during clinic hours.

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At Valhalla Place, we're determined to build better tomorrows for everyone who walks through our door. It takes work, dedication and heart. If you're up for the task, we'd love to hear from you.

We're committed to a respectful and professional work environment. We seek to elevate the status of others at all times. We believe in the power of diversity. We value inclusion. And we promote a positive, respectful, and healthy work environment. We're proud of what it means to be an employee here and the benefits we can offer, that go beyond a fulfilling career.

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