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Valhalla Place is a premier provider of addiction and mental health services in the Twin Cities. We’ll work with you to develop goals and strategies to help you achieve lasting change.

We recognize that making the first call, asking for help, is often the most difficult step in the process. And we’re here to make it as easy as possible, taking calls day and night. We’re here and we’re ready to help.


Methadone is a medication that provides relief from withdrawal symptoms and reduces or eliminates cravings.

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Suboxone is used to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms, and has been used to treat opiates addiction since 2002.

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Mental Health Services

At Valhalla Place, we offer supportive, confidential treatment for the whole person. This includes counseling and psychiatric care for mental health issues.

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Outpatient Group

We offer high-intensity outpatient treatment that addresses the specific needs of the patient with individual and group sessions.

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Professional Counseling

At Valhalla Place, both individual and group counseling is provided to best support client recovery.

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Chemical Health Assessment

A chemical health assessment is a tool used to determine how your chemical use is impacting your life.

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Harm Reduction Services

Our caring and judgment-free approach to providing services helps guide us to getting those we treat back to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.

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