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Harm Reduction Services

We offer a variety of harm reduction services. Our caring and judgment-free approach to providing services helps guide us to getting those we treat back to a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.


Opiate overdoses interfere with a person’s ability to distribute oxygen throughout the body. Signs and symptoms of an opiate overdose include:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Irregular or stopped breathing
  • Turning blue

Naloxone (Narcan) is an inexpensive, harmless and effective medication that reverses an opiate overdose. Within minutes after Naloxone is administered, this life saving medication allows the affected person to breathe again. There are two ways that Naloxone can be administered, a shot in the muscle with a needle or a nasal spray.

Education and access to Naloxone is available through our program for opiate users and their loved ones. Participants will complete a brief training, fill out some paperwork and be provided with an overdose reversal kit. Each kit contains two doses of Naloxone, two intramuscular syringes, and instructions. To obtain a kit, please visit the front desk and submit a request.


The Minnesota Pharmacy Syringe Access Initiative is a law that allows individuals to purchase and possess up to 10 clean syringes without a prescription. Unfortunately, this initiative is voluntary for pharmacies and their staff have the right to refuse the sale. Before attempting to purchase syringes from a pharmacy, we recommend calling in advance to see if they will sell without a prescription.

Access to sterile injection equipment is available at both Valhalla Place locations. This service is available at Brooklyn Park on Mondays and in Woodbury on Fridays, 9am-1pm. There are no program requirements, those picking up syringes may remain anonymous. To access our needle exchange program, ask our welcome desk staff to guide you to the exchange office.

Unused syringe donations are gladly accepted at both of our locations during clinic hours.