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Mental Health Services

At Valhalla Place, we offer supportive, confidential treatment for the whole person. This includes counseling and psychiatric care for mental health issues.


Individual Counseling

Clients entering treatment for substance abuse may also deal with mental health issues. Mental illness can be caused by the drug abuse itself, or it may have been present prior to starting drug use, and contributed to the physical dependency and ensuing addiction. At Valhalla Place, our experienced mental health professionals have specialized training in helping you to understand your illness, the role it plays in active addiction, and can help prepare you to deal effectively with these issues during recovery.

Group Counseling

We offer specialized group counseling for our clients who deal with mental health issues. Group counseling is a very effective method for learning skills for coping with illness, and reduces the stigma and shame often experienced by those dealing with mental illness. Our counselors have specialized training in conducting groups designed to teach clients skills for managing both their chemical dependency and mental health issues. Our goal is to educate, enhance the recovery process, sustain a stable lifestyle and support achieving the highest quality of life possible.

Family Counseling

Studies have shown that the best predictor of successful treatment outcomes is the involvement of the client’s family (or another personal support system) during the treatment process. This support becomes even more important when a client faces multiple challenges, such as mental health illness and chemical dependency. At Valhalla Place our specially trained mental health professionals provide a variety of opportunities to involve the patient’s family in the treatment process. The goal of family work is education about the e ects of mental health issues and addiction and to provide an integrative strategy to address these issues simultaneously.

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Medications designed to treat mental illness are an important tool in the stabilization and recovery process. At Valhalla Place, we offer our clients access to a psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The psychiatric Nurse Practitioner works closely with our medical and counseling staff to ensure coordinated, comprehensive care. We invite you to call us at 651.925.8200 for Woodbury or 763.237.9898 for Brooklyn Park, to learn more, or schedule an interview with a counselor.