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Professional Counseling


Individual counseling is used to privately and confidentially address specific issues that a client is facing and develop a personal treatment plan. This individualized treatment plan provides a comprehensive roadmap through the journey of change to recovery. Valhalla Place recognizes that each person is faced with a different set of challenges. For this reason, we provide a safe environment staffed with licensed counselors and therapists. Valhalla Place employs therapists from a cross section of specialty areas including Mental Health, Addiction, Case Management, Trauma, and Marriage and Family therapy. Our therapists hold licenses across many disciplines including Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors. All staff have been selected in order to provide you with the highest quality care and experience all at one location.


Valhalla Place offers a variety of opportunities for counselor facilitated group sessions including: separate Women’s and Men’s Groups, Relapse Prevention and Family groups that include Education, Therapy and Support. The Family groups are designed to encourage the involvement of the patient’s support system because that support plays a critical role in the recovery process from both mental health and addiction issues. We also offer peer facilitated support groups as part of a program called M.A.R.S. (Medication Assisted Recovery Support). These groups provide vital support to our clients because it allows them an opportunity to listen and share the challenges and victories that they and others often experience in the recovery process. All groups are provided without additional costs or fees to the client. Call or stop by our Welcome Desk to get a current group schedule